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Thursday, September 29 2016

Flying Service team with Aerotechnics Group

Flying Service have entered into an agreement with the Aerotechnics Group which will enable them to manufacture spare parts for the existing Flying Service Seats that have historically been produced over the last 60 years in Chesham, UK. The venture will provide existing spares support and develop new opportunities for the brand and products. Flying Service recently halted production as it felt that it could no longer compete in the current market place due to the growth of other manufacturers and the restrictions of opportunities surrounding approvals for new line fit seating products. The Aerotechnics Group have recently been expanding and have a large portfolio of airline customers and manufacturing facilities with both EASA 21G and EASA 21J approvals and are well positioned to support the product range. "The transfer of manufacturing drawings and expertise is currently on going and we hope to offer a great service and innovation to previous Flying Service customers and hopefully attract new ones to brand" said Steve Cloran CEO of the Aerotechnics Group

Sunday, July 24 2016

Flying Service Launch New ESP Seat

Flying Service have created a new seat called ESP, the seat which is a collaboration with Chameleon Products, a specialist interior company, allows an normal economy seat to convert into a lounger seat by increasing in size within 24 seconds.

The seat features material designed by Sir Paul Smith and is the first in a series of the ESP Designer Class which will allow airlines to create a designer class section in the aircraft, additional designers maybe introduced in the future.

The seat is perfect for traveling families allowing children to rest and lie down next to an an adult in a sitting position or the seat can be used for two adults resting together, the additional reveue that can be generated for airlines is considerable or the seat can be offered as an upgrade or loyalty reward offering.

2015-02-17_1f3cb.jpg 2015-02-17_705fc.jpg

Friday, September 11 2015

The World's First Bed in Economy

Flying Service have launched the ESP Xtra seat to accompany the ESP seat launched eralier this year.

The seat which is an extension of the ESP seat product comprises of a forward and aft facing unit which produces a bed in economy or premium economy class and is ideal for traveling families or can be used as a crew rest.

The Worlds first economy bed suite is something new and different and will offer a pasengers an enhance customer experience and generate a new class of travel for families.

ESP Xtra can be supplied for all aircraft types and when not in the extended mode can be used as a normal economy seat.

2015-09-11_fa5ce.jpg 2015-09-11_8863d.jpg

Thursday, February 12 2015

The ESP Seat an innovation coming soon

We will be launching our new ESP seat shortly, the seat is innovative and straight forward design engineering but achieves a lot and is the first in our "Designer Class" range

Tuesday, July 8 2014

Lighter Seat Development

We are pleased to inform that in line with current trends and demands within the aviation sector, the development of a lighter aircraft seat is currently being addressed by our team to further enhance our products and will be available shortly to our customer base,

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